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Sensory Effect Powder System
Balchem Defiance, OH

Sensory Effect Powder System is a well known franchise factory under Balchem coperation, mainly manufacturing food powder. Due to the nature of the products the plant manufactures, the production area consistently contains airborne power particles, which is also easily flammable. Water cleaning is also required every two weeks, so all the surveillance devices implemented at the factory must have anti corrosion properties and a high IP67 rating which is the highest industry standard Our project design team suggested to use industrial anti corrosion rated IP camera and anti explosion rigid conduit for all production area solutions in order to accommodate the unique environment of the manufacturing plant

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Case Study – ITW Itasca and Roselle Office, IL + ITW Itasca and Roselle Office, OH

ITW is a leading provider of commercial construction tool & parts in IL. To ensure the most flexibility on the camera, Our project team designed the system by using 12 Megapixel fisheye camera to provide the most coverage in the production line and warehouse area. In order to have the best angle and resolution for the building’s parking lot, wireless point to point solution is applied to one of the locations, which also includes a weatherproof power station and 4K UHD IP bullet camera.

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